Thursday, June 21, 2012

US$39,000 bike by Aston Martin and Factor Bikes

Yes, it comes with a hefty price tag of around US$39,000 for one bicycle. But we think it may just soon to be a iconic collector's piece. This limited edition ‘superbike’ called the ‘One-77 Cycle’ has been given the same name as the sports Aston Martin's most advance car model, the ‘One-77’.

Reasons why you should drop US$39,000 for this beauty of a bike:
1. It is set to be a collector's showpiece with only 77 such bikes being made.
2. Dubbed as ‘the world’s most technologically advanced road bicycle’ by the company, the bicycle features a data logging system that provides over ‘100 channels of performance feedback’ such as crank torque, leg power and crank force for both legs.
3. It is also able to provide other measurements such as acceleration, wasted leg power and rear wheel speed, and the traditional measurements like speed, heart rate and GPS location.
4. The One-77 Cycle is made with a carbon frame—that can be painted in seven exclusive Aston Martin colors—with ‘hand-stitched’ saddle and handlebars reflecting Aston Martin’s elegant craftsmanship.
5. It is beautifully engineered and elegantly designed.
6. Last but not least, life's too short to not be having the best money can buy.

[via Factor Bikes and DesignTaxi]

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