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Joining creative forces once again, KiBiSi and Biomega extending the Biomega Bike portfolio to include a semi-carbon, semi-alu city bicycle, accommodating true urban lifestyle. The OKO is still in prototyping phase. It will be displayed in Zahid Sardar’s book 100 Best Bikes launching as one of 8 Biomega bikes.OKO is destined to be a unique lightweight and highly practical city bike with a fashionable twist that will make heads spin. See the preview in Zahid Sardar’s 100 best bikes book by Laurence King Publishing.

Cycle Style vs. Cycle Chic Two books explore the aesthetics of bike-riding

The North Atlantic Ocean may take hours to cross by plane but when it comes to the infiltration of bicycle culture—and specifically, the urban cycling aesthetic—the distance ceases to exist. Case in point:the launch of the new book "Cycle Style" at London's Look Mum, No Hands, a copy of "Cycle Chic" landed at CH HQ in New York.

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