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Bikes of War

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Enroute to Normandy

British Commandos with BSA Paratroopers Bicycles Preparing for D-Day, June 1944

'At the start of the 1st Dutch Origamitour around Wolfheze my Birdy Jubilee met the BSA Paratrooper folding bike from 1944.

This folder was left in the area after the battle of Arnhem in september 1944. The Paratrooper had in fact more flight experience than the Birdy could think of.'

image and text via jan beeldrijk's flickr set.

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John + Islington + Yakkay + Fei Yue = :)))

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On the Flipside

George Nelson, Edward Wormley, Eero Saarinen, Harry Bertoia, Charles Eames and Jens Risom Playboy Magazine, July 1961.
The mad men of mid-century modern design..

Cycle Gear

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'Cyclists: Know Your Enemy

I’ve been wanting to do something equivalent to this for some time. But what is intended to be tongue-in-cheek always veers into rant the more words I apply. As an urban cyclist you need to be very aware of things happening in the distance. Perhaps it reflects badly on me, but I stereotype drivers by what they drive. If I see a 5-Series coming, odds are he’s a 40-something exec in a hurry to get to his mistress’ house (see, rant). If I see a Micra (specifically with an elderly driver), they are pretty sure to do something mind-blowingly dangerous and not even realize. Santa Fes are full of kids and shouting at them takes precedent over looking where you’re going. I react to these predictions accordingly, and more often than not I’m pretty spot on with my assumptions.

This is my current top 10 of red flag cars*. The ones you can bet on to honk at you for endangering their €80k tank as you cycle to work in the snow this winter.

*This is very Europe-specific. I’d love to see some international equivalents.'

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via bikeexif! originally uploaded from SouthSiders.

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