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'Born of love, art and music and nurtured by those forever dreaming and searching for life’s next great adventure. Lead Derby captures a moment in time, a memory, and the idealistic nature of taking it easy and enjoying the now. Forever changing, evolving, inspiring…We are born to run.'


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its Puch time!

'Most people probably don't know much about Puch Motorcycles but they happen to be one of the oldest manufacturers on the planet. Founded in 1889 in Austria they didn't start producing motorcycles until the early 1900's. Then 100 years after it was founded the Puch motorcycle company was sold to Piaggio, maker of the Vespa, who apparently still produce bikes under the name "Puch". The pictured bike is technically a moped but there's no denying it has some really nice cafe racer aesthetics. I first spotted this beautifully restored 1978 Puch Magnum XK on Flickr and was kindly sent some information by it's owner, Puch enthuisiast Jeremy from Kentucky. He told us "this 1978 was the first year and model of the Magnum released by Puch. It was the same year that Puch had record sales upwards of 275,000 mopeds and motorcycles. Of course, most riders have probably heard of the Puch Twingle, not as many have heard of or seen the Puch Magnum. In the late 70's and early 80's, mopeds were quite popular for getting around without having to spend a lot of money on petrol. The appeal of the Magnum is, in my opinion, obvious. Clean lines, cafe racer-type styling, and the classic Puch e50 moped engine made the Magnum an easy sell.'

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The ne plus ultra of B plus culture.


Le dernier film de Gustave de Kervern et Benoît Delépine: Poussé par sa femme Yolande Moreau, Depardieu à la retraite, part sur sa munch a la recherche de vielles fiches de paye pour avoir son quotas de points.

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100 Years Of Bicycle Posters

Excerpt from preface:
“This year marks the one hundredth anniversary of the two machines that have had a profound influence on us. It was roughly in 1872 that color lithography, which made colorful pictorial posters possible, came into popular use; it was also about 1872 that the modern bicycle evolved. It is the coincidence of these two inventions—the modern bicycle and the modern poster—converging and maturing at about the same time, that interested me. It is this founding and parallel growth, as evidenced by the bicycle posters, that this book illustrates.”



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the selby

the selby features photographs, paintings and videos by todd selby of interesting people and their creative spaces

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'Velo introduces a wild bunch of passionate cyclists – frame builders, urban planners, artists, photographers, and those who ride professionally – who are making an impact. They are not only shaping styles, but promoting cycling as a primary form of transport. The book also explores the aesthetic of today’s cycling culture and presents custom-made frames and art bikes as well as a selection of contemporary illustration and design influenced by the cycling movement. Geared toward anyone who has a personal or professional interest in cycling, Velo is the fast lane into a current topic that is both entertaining and socially relevant.'

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