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“ Think of bicycles as rideable art that can just about save the world. ” - Grant Petersen


This is a rare photo of Steve McQueen in Taiwan (even though some say Japan) on the set of 'The Sand Pebbles'. This was the only movie he received an Academy Award nomination (but didn't win). Apparently he had this Suzuki T20 (not a tr500 as first thought) with racing fairing shipped in so he could travel around Taiwan when not filming. I have also read lots of stories that McQueen raced Army officers from bar to bar with the loser having to buy the next round of drinks. Needless to say that McQueen didn't have to buy many rounds. Check out more pics of 'The king of cool' on this beautiful bike.

Young Choppers & Hot Rods

Specializing in bringing together the vital spirits of motorcycling and hot rodding heritage with technical innovations to create timeless expressions of automotive vision to inspire and thrill us. We love this mean, low and green Harley Davidson. For more pics of this tribute to the past check out this gallery.

Spooky Tooth Cycles

Based in Tuscon Arizona; By combining standard bicycles with small two stroke engines, Spooky Tooth are creating some cool looking motor-cycles for their own thrill seeking purposes. They even fought the law in Arizona (and won) to have these bikes legal without registering them. Check this link to read more about that story.

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Just ride..!

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Liebre de Marzo



'* Particularly if our bike rides involve stopping for a mid-afternoon picnic in a secret woodland copse, giddily pedalling over old wooden bridges, buying fresh baguettes to decorate our baskets, and going down the boardwalk at sunset.'

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Beat the heat

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An interview with leather artisan Kara Ginther

And all things vintage.


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A Bicycle Trip...

"Basel, 19 April 1943. Dr Albert Hofmann, a chemist, is cycling home after a day's work in the laboratory. This episode has passed into legend, associated with the discovery of the effects on the human psyche of LSD. The film tells the story of this famous "trip", imagining an unconventional psychedelic of the '40s and following the protagonist's physical and emotional journey in perception altered by 'acid', from the quiet streets of Basel back to a memory of childhood, with a touch of humour"

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autumn chic

(photocredit: Mark Seliger Photosource: Italia Vogue via phantmogria)
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Friends are the sunshine of life

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The Aldrich Contemporary Art Museum

the aldrich contemporary art museum, conneticut, USA
september 26th, 2009 to january 3rd, 2010

'confites lowrider bike' by mexican pride/vicente olivares, 2008
courtesy mexican pride/vicente olivares

'queens-based collective mexican pride design their bikes to pay homage to the low-rider
movement of the west coast. the group fabricates chrome frames and details such as
'long horn' handle bars, mirror posts, bumpers, chain stays and even kickstands.
there is also customized upholstery on the seat and spare wheel, hand-painted portraits of the
collective members immediate family in frames with car-metal laminate, which also often
include an image of their guardian, the virgin of guadalupe. the overall look of the bikes
are that of rebel choppers, imitating motocycles, with low-riding body posture, rear-exhaust pipes
and radio antennas - glamorized in their baroque aesthetic.'

a work from the ongoing series 'aerialbikeway' [cicloviaerea] by jarbas lopes, 2001–2007
courtesy of the artist
collection of steve miller, new york

'bike rides explores the increasing relevance of bicycles in contemporary art and culture.
as worldwide trends point to bike riding as a sustainable means of transportation and a way
of reshaping the city, the curiosity and use of bicycles is rapidly growing. from avid bike riders,
amateurs, recreational bikers, artists and designers, the community at large is reconsidering bicycles
through their personal point of view: their own ideal bike. bike rides is a multidisciplinary exhibition
which features bikes which have been reappropriated to represent different identities
and serve new functions.

in his project 'aerialbikeway', brazilian artist jarbas lopes addresses the commuter's experience.
for lopes, bikes function as social sculptures in which people can reconsider bike transportation
as a source of enjoyment. he finds cycling achieves a balance between the technology of the body
and that of movement.'

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A Trike with Philosophical Roots!

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Oct 9th was..

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photo credit: Ashley Gilbertson for the New York Times

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'In 1991, a mayoral proclamation decreed that October 9 of every year would be Messenger Appreciation Day in San Francisco. October 9 is "10-9" in radio code and means "Say again" or "What?" 10-9 Day is celebrated informally all over the world.'

'Let's congratulate all bike couriers on the benefits they bring to our cities:

+a solution to the problems of pollution, congestion and gridlock faced by large urban centres
+reduce carbon dioxide emissions in the downtown core
+take up less space on the road and do less damage to the roads than cars resulting in better conditions and streets for all road users
+increase the safety of pedestrians compared to cars. (studies show that pedestrians are "250 times as likely to be injured by a car, bus or taxi" than a bike.)
+aid charities
+draw tourists and international attention to cities through events and races
+provide a value added service that continuously improving firms seek out as a means to reduce costs and improve efficiency (crucial to the movement of important information)
+are ambassadors of goodwill for the city
+provide a link between many of urban homeless people and the rest of the downtown core
+year round cyclists who promote the bicycle as a viable form of transportation and economic development'

text lifted from messmedia.