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those were the days! this one's for you bros! You know who you are...

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Scott Pommier over for more 'effortless awesome'

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Or Glory - 21st Century Rockers

'With their tattoos, leather jackets, slicked-back hair, and beloved British motorbikes - BSAs, Triumphs, Nortons, and Royal Enfields - Rockers are the nemesis and antithesis of the fastidiously groomed Mods. Elvis, James Dean, and Marlon Brando made rocker style synonymous with rebellion, sparking a global cult. Friedrichs follows the British rocker tribe as its members congregate in parking lots, pubs, cafes, dance and pool halls, as well as huge gatherings at Jacks Hill and the Ace Cafe. Alternating between rich, vibrant colour and gritty black and white, these photographs capture a spirit of unapologetic defiance in clothing as well as attitude, every bit as strong today as it was sixty years ago. Trenchant and revealing commentary from Friedrichs' subjects sheds light on the impulses, yearnings, and motivations of this enduring international rebel chic subculture.'


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Bicycle Pageant September 1948

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Moncler Spring 2011

Thom Browne recently put up a Spring 2011 show for Moncler at the Velodromo Vigorelli Milan.

images from MONCLER GAMME BLEU SS 11

Merckx Mondays

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Bicycle Friendly Cities

Copenhagen - 55%
Gronningen, Netherlands - 55%
Greifswald, Germany - 44%
Lund, Sweden - 43%
Assen, Netherlands - 40%
Amsterdam, Netherlands - 40%
Münster, Germany - 40%
Utrecht, Netherlands - 33%
Ferrara, Italy - 30%
Malmö, Sweden - 30%
Linköping, Sweden - 30%
Västerås, Sweden - 30%
Odense, Denmark - 25%
Basel, Switzerland - 25%
Osaka, Japan - 25% [est.]
Bologna, Italy - 20%
Parma, Italy - 25%
Oulu, Finland - 20%
Rotterdam, Netherlands - 20-25%
Berne, Switzerland - 20%
Tübingen, Gemany - 20%
Aarhus, Denmark - 20%
Tokyo, Japan - 20% [est.]
Pardubice, Czech Republic - 18%
York, UK - 18%
Dresden, Germany - 17%
Munich, Germany - 15%
Davis, USA - 15%
Cambridge, UK - 15%
Berlin, Germany - 12%
Turku, Finland - 11%
Stockholm, Sweden - 10%
Bordeaux, France - 10%


Issue 19

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image lifted from backwards marathon.

Bike Sharing System

'The Zurich based architect and designer Rafael Schmidt submitted a new Bike Sharing System to a competition organized within last year’s International Climate Conference in Copenhagen. Quite different from a transporting system, RAFAA’s new design will contribute not only to the stocks and flows of people, but also to its user and to the city itself.'

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High Wheel Bicycle Club group photo, 1895

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early Pylon SS

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