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banks & bikes do go together hey!

'Attached to the bikes just above the bank's logo, the decals delivered a one-word message that, combined with the bank's name underneath, succinctly conveyed many Britons' anger toward the banking sector'

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Bikes and Books

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been out riding all these while..

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'On the Street...Bill Cunningham, New York'

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leitner military folding bicycle

'the leitner portable bicycle was manufactured during ww1 in kharkov, russia. according to the article below (see link), the folding mechanism was based on a "rifle lock" concept (perhaps the author was referring to the bolt locking mechanism?), enabling for a more rapid folding time. it has been argued that the bicycle was superior to other folders of the time (france's capt. gerard bike, as well as austrian, german, and japanese models).

for a loose translation (russian to english) of the history of this bicycle, see:'

light infantry bicycle: the original mountain bike

'this photo is from the outstanding and now, out-of-print book bicycles (la biciclette) by galbiati and ciravegna (1994). the bicycle shown is a bianchi.

this 1912 model has two spring shock absorbers on the front fork, a system with a hinged joint near the bottom bracket that allows the frame to fold in two, and a spring shock absorber pivot-mounted coaxially with the pedals. the headlight is an oil lamp. the locking bolts for the hinged joint pull out from the top. this bicycle carried the model 91 ts rifle.*'

* galbiati, f. & ciravegna, n. (1994). bicycles (la biciclette). san francisco: chronicle books.

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Marcus Ross' Top 10

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Critérium Des Porteurs

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'What is your relationship with cycling? No, not the bike. Cycling. How does it make you feel? Blissful, exhilarating, daring, inconsequential, doesn’t really matter. The relationship is yours and yours only. We at Embrocation take this lifelong, human plus wheels partnership very seriously and very dearly, and we’re sharing with you readers. On this issue we explore the sum of all parts that propel us forward, commentating on a very personal level the wonderful outcomes that happen when you mix bicycles, passion, and art. We get a very close, first hand experience at the core of the Belgian classics, a heartfelt account from the Tour of the Battenkill, a seemingly irresponsible write-up on American-style crit racing, a personal take on the sport at the highest level and much more. Intimate, biased, slanted, partisan, tendentious, so what? We get so close we touch handlebars, we smell the sport’s breath, marvel at its sparkling paint job and laugh at each others’ silliness. It’s the trip, the ride, the hurt, the heartbreak that level all riders, all readers, all over. On Volume 6, we’d like to welcome you to the inner sanctum of our relationship. Enjoy, and embrocate regularly.'

Issue 20

'The twentieth issue of Rouleur, published in October of 2010, includes 162 pages, and it's a gear guide with a difference. The issue includes features on legendary makers of very fine cycling gear such as De Rosa, San Marco, Time and Nagasawa, and you will find a special style section, as well as columns by Rouleur regulars like Johnny Green, Matt Seaton and William Fotheringham - along with new faces: Mike Barry and Brian Palmer. The photography in this issue was taken by Gerard Brown, Taz Darling and Ben Ingham.'

starts 2day

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