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Designer People - meets Biomega

'The hosts and founder of Biomega, Jens Martin Skibsted, gives the inside about the idea behind Biomega and its philosophy. The program gives unique background on why Biomega designs bikes as they do, and insights different approaches to bike usage. In addition to Jens Martin Skibsted, who is Creative Director of Biomega, comments are given by Jørgen Mads Clausen, CEO of Danfoss, and Danish architect Bjarke Ingels.'

Biomega Founder & Creative Director Jens Martin Skibsted in Copenhagen

Biomega in Copenhagen, from the SMG documentary series Creative Future (2012)

Lets Roll!

'Imagine the ideal city. If you're like us, that city is clean. Peaceful. Stunning. No less energized than the urban environments in which we currently thrive, but more focused, more pure, and in tune with the natural world. That dream is what drives us in the creation of our urban-landscape-changing bikes. Our goal is to create a paradigm shift in the way society imagines transportation. To compete directly with cars by constructing bikes that are so beautiful that they imbue our cities with new meaning, even as they make us healthier, happier, and more connected than a car ever could. Simply put, our bikes—and the trendsetters who ride them—have the ability to transform the world into a more beautiful place, and to blend our dreams for the future with the needs of the present. Our bikes are meant to usher in a new age in city living. All it takes is one look—and one ride—to understand the difference we can make, as bike, rider, and style become one.'

Cycle Chic Meets Biomega

When the man behind the iconic Cycle Chic website/movement [] hooks up with the iconic Danish bicycle brand Biomega to shoot a commercial - this is the end result.



PUMA & Biomega

lets roll!

Interview: Jens Martin Skibsted

Danish designer Jens Martin Skibsted talks about his bicycle brand Biomega and the future of urban cycling.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Alex Singer Cycles

step right in

puncture repair tins

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Gruppo Fotografico


cable top tube / down tube, curved seat tube, rod brake, 28iinch wheels, mountain just says alot..

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on the flipside//

'In an exploration of the abstract and the extreme, Second Nature is an examination of the natural boundaries of the human body. Noah Sakamoto, Patrick Rizzo and J.M. Duran star as the test subjects as they wield skateboards and blue suits to race down the roads of the High Sierras in California.' Sector 9 : Second Nature

hi gorgeous

Kinfolk Autumn - beautiful shot

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one shot, two champs

[photo: Mike Sommerville]


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Knock for Knock | Rapha

'Shot in Tokyo by Antony Crook, and featuring a soundtrack from Mogwai, Rapha and RSA Films present Knock for Knock. With a script written by long distance cyclist James Bowthorpe, Knock for Knock is a human interest story that depicts a sportsman’s fight against his inner demons.'


Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Bicycle taxi in Kenya

'China produces 58 percent of the world’s bicycles, and after cheap televisions and tools, bikes are one of the country’s biggest imports to Kenya. They end up on the busy streets of Nairobi, Mombasa, Kisumu and small towns such as Machakos, where some are then converted into bike-taxis: boda-bodas. “Boda-boda,” a contraction of “border-to-border,” is an expression coined in the 1990s by smugglers, who used their bikes to run goods and people across the border between Kenya and Uganda.'

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