Monday, April 25, 2011


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April 2011

After our trip to L'Eroica last year, we wanted to find a similar historic cycling event, more intimate and cosy and not too overcrowded and touristic.

Among other events, the "La Storica" is such a lovely and intimate event with not more than 150 starters. Taking place in the heart of Liguria, with it's astonishing landscape and warm hearted people.

With e r t z u i ° film being the only foreign starters, the "La Storica" had a typical All-Italian-60+ peloton.

But we surprised the Italian superiority with the fastest time in saturdays prologue, the "Cronometro Storico" - a historic 5k time trial along the Via de Republica in Pietra Ligure.

Registered only 15min before the race, with borrowed skinsuit and leather helmet ,Martin Zui rode under 6 minutes and cought everyone of guard. He won.

On sunday, we took it on the main 75k course and enjoyed the great company and stunning roads with long forever lasting climbs and fest descents which challenged the old material. Not to forget the tasty food stops serving regional wine and food.

"La Storica" - you have been great to us. We shall return, not only to defend the prologue title, but also to keep our promise me made to come back.

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Friday, April 22, 2011

baby baby!

Just when you thought you had seen everything in the Copenhagen bicycle culture, the Sperm Bullitt appears on the cycle tracks of the city.

Yes. The Sperm Bullitt. This is brilliant. If you're cycling around Copenhagen, keep your eyes peeled for this bike.

Nordisk Cryobank (European Sperm Bank)is one of Europe's leading sperm banks and the company was looking at environmentally-friendly alternatives to how they could transport their sperm samples to the fertility clinics around Greater Copenhagen.

The company's CEO, Peter Bower, says, "The first idea was how we could deliver to the fertility clinics in a C02-friendly way. Shortly afterwards followed the idea of a custom-designed bike with a cooling system. Now, six months later, we can cycle around the city on our sperm cell bike."

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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Wednesday, April 20, 2011


i love my Red Wings...

but not as much as this guy!


loving everything Bill..

the 3 speed Schwinn, that blue work coast, his FM2..

wed nites!

A daily cycling journal

'Whether you're on a 100km training ride, a cross country tour, or simply riding to the corner store, the Effort Journal is a place for you to collect your thoughts, experiences and measurable training data in one place.
A small but durable 5 x 7" notebook, each page provides a place to record your route, milage, ride time, speed, cadence, power, heart rate and plenty of room for additional notes, along with your overall goals.'


Portland Mayor Sam Adams says Portland’s spent on its bike infrastructure what it would normally spend on a single mile of highway

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Friday, April 15, 2011



The sartorial street cyclist, observed


more from London!

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Tony Pizzo

“Sailor Tony Pizzo passing through Washington on a Coast to Coast bicycle run handcuffed to his machine. The Handcuffs were sealed by Mayor Hylan in New York April 24th and are not to be opened until his return to that city. Pizzo made the trip from California to New York in like manner in 1919.” -A.P.


Monday, April 11, 2011

Here they come!

Tweed Ride london 2011! via kayaitch's flickr set.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Michael Jordan's Eddy Merckx

'MJ had a go at everything. Baseball, Golf and as it turns out - cycling. This is a 70cm Eddy Merckx corsa extra - obviously in red as per his Chicago team colours - I heard he had a white bike for away games.'


Friday, April 8, 2011

officially up and running ;)

I was growing up in Yokohama and Okayama Japan.
I spent my early time in Japanese dance culture, went to club in Tokyo and NY in early~mid 90’, and decided to move to NYC in 1998.
I just dreamed to be a New Yorker.
After moved into NYC, I aimed to be a true New Yorker through the experience of the bicycle messenger.
It took 5 years to be a real NYC bicycle messenger for me, but still could not become a true New Yorker.
I felt that I lacked something, but I did not know what exactly that something was.
I was wondering if art might supplement that lack, so.. I got into photography, and another dream rose up, “I want to be a photographer”.

My blog, New York Bike Dreams, that original idea was my message, “I want to be a photographer”.
After few years, fortunately my dream become half true.
Now I can say “I am New Yorker”.
To achieve my another half dream become true, I set my photography aim.
So I try to step up my blog, this is my first portfolio.
And when I achieve that aim, I will say “Yo, I Am Photographer”.

Takuya Sakamoto



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'Brewerkz have organized a fundraising event to help the people of Japan after the earthquake on the 11th March. One month on, and Japan is still getting to grips with a serious humanitarian operation to help the people most affected around the epicentre of the quake.

There are many ways to help the people of Japan and I’m sure you have already done you bit, but if you are free on Saturday 9th April, come and show your support for this event. Bring the flyer along to Brewerkz Riverside Point and 25% of your bill that evening will be donated to the relief effort.

The Straits Sound System will be doing our part by playing reggae for your enjoyment and ours, from 9pm till the close. We hope to see you there to finish off the evening.

Table reservations are advised and can me made online or at this number – 6438 7438'

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