Friday, April 8, 2011

officially up and running ;)

I was growing up in Yokohama and Okayama Japan.
I spent my early time in Japanese dance culture, went to club in Tokyo and NY in early~mid 90’, and decided to move to NYC in 1998.
I just dreamed to be a New Yorker.
After moved into NYC, I aimed to be a true New Yorker through the experience of the bicycle messenger.
It took 5 years to be a real NYC bicycle messenger for me, but still could not become a true New Yorker.
I felt that I lacked something, but I did not know what exactly that something was.
I was wondering if art might supplement that lack, so.. I got into photography, and another dream rose up, “I want to be a photographer”.

My blog, New York Bike Dreams, that original idea was my message, “I want to be a photographer”.
After few years, fortunately my dream become half true.
Now I can say “I am New Yorker”.
To achieve my another half dream become true, I set my photography aim.
So I try to step up my blog, this is my first portfolio.
And when I achieve that aim, I will say “Yo, I Am Photographer”.

Takuya Sakamoto

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