Monday, June 29, 2009

Welcome home!

'Sable & Argent is a premium 2-wheel lifestyle store for scooter riders and cyclists all over Sydney. A dramatic renovation has transformed this automotive garage into a modern and visually compelling retail showroom that features a centralized high-tech workshop for scooters and cycles.

Sable & Argent offers a complete retail experience for proponents of the 2-wheel lifestyle. A retail gallery encircles the entire 330sqm store and proudly exhibits premium global fashion, design and performance brands such as Passoni, Biomega, Cinelli, Campagnolo, Soma, SYM, Momo Design, Armadillo, Spring Court shoes and Coal headwear.

Within this retail setting, Sable & Argent’s ultra-modern internal workshop presents a stunning central feature that links both scooters and cycles.

We invite you to explore the Sable & Argent showroom and get involved in the 2-wheeled revolution!'

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